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ABOUT Jenny & Freddie 

Couple in life and creativity, Jenny and Freddie Cipoletti have been delivering visually striking and editorially based content across multiple verticals and digital platforms since 2011, working with the industry's premier fashion houses, luxury hospitality groups, and food and beverage clients.

Together, they have created a world of visual inspiration and escapism. They breathe new life, inject style, beauty, and art into everything they curate. Their compulsive love for an authentic lifestyle well lived has birthed the launch of their namesake brand and website, The Cipoletti's, a digital destination with a growing curation of goods that are representative of an authentic lifestyle well lived.

The exactness of intention produces elegance of style - from meaningful home and garden to purposeful wardrobe favorites and an upcoming book; you're invited to shop all of the products that make them feel most at home.


Jenny and Freddie proudly present their latest creation, Villa d'Cipoletti. A world where the mesmerizing beauty of the Italian Riviera serves as their muse. Villa d’Cipoletti invites you to transport and immerse yourself in the art of travel through a timeless collection of mediterranean inspired souvenirs adorned with original illustrations that embody the essence of coastal elegance. 
Discover Villa d’Cipoletti exclusively on our TheCipolettis.com 


In just a few short months, Jenny and Freddie will be launching Cucina Cipoletti, and they couldn't be more excited to share their passion for authentic, locally sourced Italian fare. Over the past year, they've collaborated closely with an artisanal Italian Pastificio and a small batch olive oil farmer to craft Cucina Cipoletti's signature taste. Embarking on this incredible culinary journey has been a labor of love for the couple. 

Their dedication to authenticity means sourcing the finest ingredients from Italy's heartlands, ensuring that every forkful of Cucina Cipoletti pasta transports you to the sun-kissed vineyards and cobblestone streets of Italy.

At Cucina Cipoletti, their pasta is more than just a dish—it embodies their love for the tradition of family and their desire to bring the true essence of Italian cuisine to your plate! They invite you to savor the flavors, embrace the culture, and immerse yourself in the splendor of Italy with each delightful bite.

Join Jenny and Freddie in this celebration of Italy's culinary brilliance, and let Cucina Cipoletti take you on a delectable journey that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

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